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I’m still feeling the glow of a great weekend in Chicago with old friends and new. The “Heritage of Resistance” symposium at the DuSable Museum where Michelle Duster, Charlene Drew Jarvis, Arthur McFarlane and I talked about our ancestors (Ida B. Wells, Dr. Charles Drew, W.E.B. Du Bois and Madam C. J. Walker) was amazing on so many levels.

Arthur McFarlane, Charlene Drew Jarvis, Zada Johnson, A'Lelia Bundles and Michelle Duster at the DuSable Museum

I’m marvelling at the fewer than six degrees of separation among my fellow panelists. Madam Walker knew and interacted with Du Bois  and Wells, who were founders of the NAACP. Dr. Charles Drew was a star doctoral student at Columbia University during the 1920s (after Walker’s death) and was well-known to the older generation like Wells and Du Bois.

We are ready to take this show on the road to universities, corporations and conferences!


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A’Lelia Bundles

Back in my cocoon ready to write another chapter of Joy Goddess, my new Harlem Renaissance era biography of A’Lelia Walker, after being in Jerusalem for the second annual Israeli Presidential Conference.  When I received the invitation some months ago, I was at a loss trying to figure out how  my stories of early 20th century African American women might connect to a largely Israeli–as well as international–audience with exactly zero African American women in the room other than I. 


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